The Bodybuilding Basics

The Bodybuilding Basics

One of the most common mistakes young guys make when they want to build muscle is to focus too much on small details. For example, they might emphasise exercises in the gym that isolate a specific muscle or head of a muscle, they might perform an exact number of sets for an exercise or workouts in a week because they think they might over-train if they do any more, they might select a protein powder based on the ratios of certain amino acids it contains, they might measure their food for every meal so they get the exact macronutrient ratio they think they need, or another of the countless number of minute details relating to building muscle!

The reason they choose to do these things is because they believe it may help them build muscle faster. The fact is however, building muscle is actually a fairly simple process and if you stick to the bodybuilding basics that have been followed by millions of people over the years you’re going to get results, plain and simple.

It is almost impossible to speed up the process so it is best to simply learn what the bodybuilding basics are, incorporate them into your lifestyle, be consistent in using them, and then allow enough time for them to take effect.

Let’s face it, the top-level competitive bodybuilders have usually been training for at least 10 years and if they’re able to put on a couple of kilograms of pure muscle each year they are generally pretty happy with that!

Don’t waste your time and effort worrying about the latest and greatest training techniques, nutritional principles, or supplement to hit the market, just stick with the fundamental principles that have been proven time and time again to work. If you do, you will get results and you won’t get side-tracked into thinking you should be doing something different or waste your money on useless supplements that have not been proven to work and have no place in a bodybuilding plan.

So what are the bodybuilding basics you should focus on? Here’s the list of bodybuilding basics that you should learn and incorporate in your life immediately if you’re not already using them. Furthermore, these principles are NOT negotiable. You must use all of them if you’re serious about getting great results.

The Bodybuilding Basics


  • Emphasise basic, compounds movements in your workouts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, chins, shoulder presses, etc.).
  • Target more than one muscle group in your workout- you’ll get faster results if you stimulate several muscles to grow from a workout rather than just one.
  • Perform multiple sets per exercise- even if you perform high-intensity workouts with few sets, you still need to warm-up the muscles.
  • Perform a minimum of 5 workouts a week- don’t worry you won’t over-train.
  • Train for at least 45 minutes- if you train for longer then fine, don’t be concerned about going into a catabolic state.


  • Eat a lot, eat often, and eat relatively ‘clean’ foods- stick with the bodybuilding basics of steak, chicken, fish, eggs, sweet potato, rice, vegetables, fruit, oats, etc.
  • Prepare your meals for the following day each night before you go bed- meal preparation is essential in getting great results. Alternatively, prepare the meals for several days in advance. Oftentimes preparing your meals in the morning can be difficult if you sleep in or are simply running late.
  • Minimise your alcohol intake- nothing affects your muscle gains more than alcohol. Therefore, make sure you keep your intake to an absolute minimum.


Only use a few proven supplements- the best supplements are: creatine monohydrate, protein powder, glutamine (optional), a pre-workout supplement (optional), and a testosterone-booster (optional). There’s no need to use too many supplements. You’re far better off saving your money on supplements and spending it on good-quality food instead! However, the basic supplements can certain be beneficial.


  • Get plenty of sleep- sleeping is when you grow, so make it a priority in your life.
  • Minimise your stress levels- stress can definitel affect your muscle growth so minimise it as much as possible.

So there you have it, the bodybuilding basics you need to get great results! As mentioned previously, make sure you use all of them, make sure you use them consistently, and don’t get impatient, allow enough time for the results to follow. Go for it!

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